Tian Gong Qi Gong

Tian Gong is one of over 3000 styles of Qi Gong (or Chi Gong). Le-Tian Da Shi, the grandmaster and founder of the Tian Gong Foundation gifts six basic Tian Gong practices for all to utilize and teach for free to everyone for self-healing benefits.

Tian Gong Qi Gong

Qi Gong Gentle Movement & Meditation for Integrated Health

Tian Gong takes an integrated approach to self-healing, prevention of illness, healing others and self-preservation.

Our day-to-day schedule, the deterioration of the environment and even negativity from others can often leave us with barely enough energy to smile or even too ill to function. Qi Gong, though ancient is a great counterbalance to our modern challenges because it works quickly without side effects to clear our heads, restore our bodies and deepen our inner peace. Not only can it supplement the energy we get from breathing eating and sleeping, it also reduces the body’s normal energy needs.

How can Tian Gong practice help me?

  • It brings your body and mind into a restorative meditation so they need less energy to function. This in turn helps to preserve the body’s remaining life force.
  • It activates a flow of energy that moves and dissolves blocks in the meridian channels. Blocked energy can be the result of physical or emotional toxicity and is understood in the East as the source of all physical, mental, emotional and psychological illness.
  • Fresh Earth energy and Universal Light are absorbed into the heart, mind and body during practice. These positive energies can push out negativity, establish a healthy attitude and create kinder thoughts, words and actions.

The Six Gateway Tian Gong Qi Gong Practices

Celestial Pagoda – cultivate unconditional love and compassion.

Celestial Cross – cultivate humility, gratitude, self-reflection and apology.

Celestial Smile – Tian Gong infuses humanity with smiles.

Sun & Moon Practice – Tian Gong transmits the Sun or Moon energy
to all of humanity.

Community Practice – Tian Gong transmits the Universal messages of
world peace and global service to all of humanity.

Tong Tian Gong, The Pathway to the Universe – Tian Gong sends out Celestial blessings of wisdom, well-being and auspiciousness to all of humanity.

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