My Monkey Mind Lost My Adele Ticket!

When Your Monkey Mind is Cluttered My son and I went to visit my neighbors today to drop off a daily dose of vitamin A via some persimmons from our tree. Two ragged looking women and three very cute, very excited shih tzus opened the door. June couldn’t find her ticket to tonight’s Adele concert.

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Massage Myth #1 – Drink Lots of Water After a Massage

What’s the Real Skinny on Drinking Water After a Massage? Do you remember being in school or receiving a massage and being told by a teacher or massage professional to drink extra water after receiving a massage? EEEEEEK! Hey, I was taught that too. Now, let’s put a stop to the proliferation of this potentially

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School of Japanese Healing Arts Closing!

That’s right. SOJHA is closing for 3 days to host an extraordinary guest! Check your calendars now for Jan 28-30. Justice Naccarato, my dear friend and daughter of the amazing Dr. Hugh Smith will be here at the school for three days. Dr. Hugh saved Nicole from a lifetime of excruciating pain. A condition which

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Building the Course in Japanese Facial Massage

Shogo Mochizuki spent years developing the textbooks he used for classes. I can see how. Years ago in my career as an instructional designer at MindSpring and EarthLink, I learned for every classroom hour it can take up to 18 hours of curriculum design. Consider a 25 hour course in Kobido. Since begining on this

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Anma as Meditation: Part 1 – Chuang Tzu Messes with the Student

“Look at the fan,” Shogo Mochizuki Sensei would say as he came behind me and slapped me on the shoulders a couple times. The idea was to get my mind off of what my hands were doing. Approaching Anma as meditation. I recall being a student in the summer of 1995, Scottdale, AZ. It must have

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Is a Career in Massage Right for You?

Several years ago I was sitting in a San Francisco Thai restaurant with David Palmer, the “Father of Chair Massage.” I asked him why he chose to close the Anma Institute above the Kabuki Hot Springs after 12 years of operation. He replied, “for twelve years, multitudes of students would pay thousands of dollars for an

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