Celestial Pagoda Practice

This meditation can manifest and nurture unconditional love and compassion in the hearts of practitioners. Celestial Pagoda Practice can also help to open a connection between the practitioner and the Universal, human and Earth energy fields.


Sitting in a chair, sitting lotus style (or crossed-legged), kneeling or kneeling and sitting on the ankles. Kneeling and sitting on the ankles is shown in the figure below.

Practice Procedure

Beginning the Practice

Sit or kneel depending on your physical ability. If possible, a kneeling position is recommended. If you are sitting in a chair, place your feet shoulder-width apart and align your toes onto the same line. Your feet may be parallel to each other or pointed slightly outward. Allow your heart to fill with compassion and maintain a reverent manner. Gently close your eyes. Relax your entire body. Bring your hands together in front of your chest with fingers pointing upward (prayer position) and take a moment to calm your heart and mind.

Tian Gong Qi Gong Celestial PagodaSetting the Intention

Say silently or quietly to yourself:

“Through this practice I am sending compassion and unconditional love to all living beings and things. Tian Gong satellite, please help me connect to the Universe for this purpose. Thank you.”

Allow this thought to be gentle. When you have finished, allow your conscious mind to relax.

Building the Pagoda Posture

Now separate your hands and raise your right hand so that your thumb is pointing towards your Yin Tang acupuncture point (also known as the Third Eye), located in between your two eyebrows (this connects you with the human energy field). Your thumb can but does not necessarily need to touch your forehead. Keep your forefinger and middle fingers together as a “sword finger” pointed upwards (this connects you with the Universal energy field). Allow your ring finger and little finger to relax and bend toward the ground (this connects you with the Earth energy field). The left hand imitates the right hand to form another pagoda shape. Place this hand gently placed in front of your heart center in the middle of your chest. The tip of your thumb should point approximately at the Tan Zhong acupuncture point, which is midway between your two nipples.

Meditation Tips

Gently focus on the soles of your feet rather than on your hands. If your arms become tired, you may exchange the position of your right and left hands. This practice may be done for as little as one or two minutes each day. Use your common sense to time the length of your practice. If you begin to feel restless or distracted, gently think of the Tian Gong satellite transmitting Universal healing energy for all living beings. Do your best to remain grateful, compassionate and reverent throughout the duration of the practice. Be sure to close the practice (see below) at the end of each practice session.

Closing the Practice

First end the practice with the gentle thought, “I am now closing the practice.” Bring your hands over your navel, overlapping them with your palms facing you. Women, place your right hand underneath and your left hand on top. Men, place your left hand underneath and your right hand on top. Gently rub your lower abdomen (lower dan tian) 9 times in a clockwise circle at a moderate to slow speed (imagine you are the clock) and then reverse direction and rub 9 times counter-clockwise.

Next, rub your hands together quickly until they are warm and “dry wash” your face. “Dry washing” means rubbing your face vigorously in concentric circles to stimulate the various acupuncture points. Begin by rubbing the outside edges of your face and moving your hands upwards towards your forehead. Move both hands in towards the middle of your face and down the midline over your nose. Once you reach your chin, complete the circle by rubbing towards the respective outer edges of your face again. Perform the complete rotation 18 times. Bring your palms together in prayer position. Send peace and happiness to all living beings. Send gratitude to the Universe and to the Tian Gong satellite.

Tian Gong Qi Gong Closing 1Tian Gong Qi Gong Closing 1

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