School of Japanese Healing Arts Closing!

That’s right. SOJHA is closing for 3 days to host an extraordinary guest! Check your calendars now for Jan 28-30.

Justice Naccarato, my dear friend and daughter of the amazing Dr. Hugh Smith will be here at the school for three days. Dr. Hugh saved Nicole from a lifetime of excruciating pain. A condition which went undiagnosed for over two years under the care of one of the top Neurologists in San Francisco.

If any of these words pertain to you or someone you know, keep reading. If not, read it again.

Auto-Immune   Chronic Fatigue   Chronic Pain   Infertility   PCOS   Migraines   IBS   Crohn’s Disease

and a myriad of other ailments I dare not list for fear of the Ministry of You Can’t Do That is reading this.


Is that a parasite in your blood, or are you just happy to see me?

We first met Dr. Smith in Carlsbad in 2011 when a local chiropractor recommended him to us and we took the first appointment we could get. When we walked into his office, Nicole started to talk, but he put his hand up and said, “Don’t tell me anything. I don’t want to know.”

Two years ago, Nicole started getting that pins and needle feeling in her feet. It started out as a numbness in the left foot. We went to the emergency room and the first doctor we saw suggested it was just a sprain. Sprain?! How could be a sprain? There was no trauma or accident of any kind involved. This doctor didn’t seem to care and sent us on our way with a pain med prescription we never filled.

A week later when things weren’t getting better, but worse, we took another trip to the ER. This doctor asked a few more questions about her numbing pain and said……”well, you might have MS.” Multiple Sclerosis…really?! You can tell that by just a few questions? You must have a gift, as well as delight in scaring the heck out of someone.

I can’t give you all the details of the myriad of doctors appointments Nicole made over the next two years, but I can tell you it was tedious, frustrating, painful, and left her with feelings of despair and hopelessness. Is that redundant? Well, I have to say it twice. She was scared.

Imagine. The possibility of living the rest of your life being in pain every time you took a step. Electricity shooting through your foot and up your leg if you so much as brushed across a sofa leg.

Two years of being poked and prodded, biopsies and steroids, we’re finally sitting in Dr. Hugh’s office. The stout, white bearded gentleman who said don’t tell me anything. Some standard paperwork and an ultra secret methodology, Dr. Smith had our answer.

“Have you ever been bitten by a cat?” Turns out, you can get some pretty serious yukkies from pets. Especially senile cats apparently. About two years prior, Nicole’s cat went ape-shizzle and started biting her on a semi-regular basis. Could this be why she was losing feeling in her hands and feet? Why she was constantly feeling like she’d been sitting in lotus position for too long?

All I know is that after two years under the “care” of a top Neurologist and his team, they couldn’t tell her what was wrong. After five minutes with Dr. Smith, he had a recommendation. He sent us home with a protocol of treatment and within two months, her symptoms improved dramatically.

Since then, I’ve recommended Dr. Smith, and now Justice to all of my clients. Probably half of my regulars in San Diego sought their advice and even some of my Phoenix clients traveled all the way to Carlsbad. Everyone I know who has seen them has had amazing results and are living healthier, happier lives. I can’t thank them enough and am thankful every day that I met them.

If you or someone you love is suffering from something known or unknown, this is where you want to be. Justice and her team will be here for three days. Call the office 760-613-8645. Book an appointment. It will be one of the greatest gifts you give yourself.

<3 Eric

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Cancer   Adrenal Fatigue   Detoxing   Alkaline Diets   Cholesterol   Parasites

and everything you could possibly want to know to rid your body of disease.


Justice Naccarato, Naturopathic Practitioner

The Tradition Continues, Justice Naccarato (Dr. Smith’s daughter) has been involved in clinical work since her junior and senior high school days where she assisted her father in his research.

She resided with her husband Brian in Washington State where they conducted a successful thermography clinic. Doctors and hospitals call upon her expertise to assist in complimentary adjuncts to mammography.
Now, she has moved to San Diego to carry on the family tradition of Nutritional counseling and Traditional Naturopathy.

In addition to her degree in Human Development from Penn State, she holds certifications in Complementary Alternative Medicine, Traditional Naturopathy, and Clinical Thermography, and is always striving to attain the most knowledge possible to help her clients.

Justice takes pride in teaching her clients how applying natural lifestyle approaches can act to facilitate the body’s own natural healing and health building potential. While her focus is whole body health and restoration, her passion is in natural hormone balance and women’s health issues.

What others have to say about Justice:

Super knowledgeable! Great resource for all things health related. For me, a God send! So thankful for the direction she has given me with my health 🙂
P.M. Spokane Valley, Wa

Knowledgeable, skilled and truly cares about her patients and how their choices affect their lives. Take her advice and follow-thru.
P.M. Oceanside, Ca

She has been passionate about helping people by using alternative health practices since her teen years. I have been friends with Justice since she was 16 years old, and she is one of the most caring, thoughtful and intelligent people I have met!

Justice is extremely knowledgeable, hopeful, and empowering. I give my highest recommendations for anyone to see her.
P.S. Los Angeles, Ca

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the time that Justice spent with my health concerns. I must admit, since I have always only seen Hugh, I was afraid that someone else could not help me as much as Hugh has in the past.
Well, I can honestly say that I was very happily surprised! Justice’s professionalism and her knowledge are quite remarkable!

She pinpointed my health concerns, and recommended the right supplements to help me get better! Just like my experience with Hugh, within 3 days of seeing Justice and receiving her recommendations of what to eliminate from my daily routine and taking the appropriate supplements, I felt like a new person!!

Justice is a wonderful practitioner and is a great asset to the health of San Diego people!

To everyone at justicewellness ; Thank You again for all that you do with your wisdom, knowledge and the proper supplements to help your clients live a healthier life.

P.S. (A client of Dr Hugh Smith for the past 7 years)